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What are you trying to achieve?

I need to
improve my services

Co-produce improvement plans with your staff, leading to real buy-in and lasting behaviour change.
  • Learn how Santander regularly gathers improvement ideas from their workforce.
I need to
update my strategy

Reimagine the future of your organisation, together with the people who will make it happen.
  • Learn how Pennine Acute Hospitals rewrote their corporate and HR strategies together with their staff.
I need to
generate deep insight

Harness the energy and intelligence of your stakeholders to build insight on important subjects
  • Learn how Manchester better understood its population and their views on health.
I need to
build my engagement capability

Build a capability within your own team to harness the voice of your staff, customers and stakeholders.
  • Learn how Leeds Teaching Hospitals regularly engages their staff to keep the organisation on track.


I need some inspiration

Not sure where to start with engagement and innovation? Let us run a half day workshop with your senior team.

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  • It was an absolutely different experience working with the team from Clever Together.  As well as the creative and innovative approach to engagement that it opened our eyes to.  They are an incredibly creative group who really helped to spark a level of innovation that wouldn't have been there without them.  I would highly recommend them as a partner.

    Caroline Alexander, London's Chief Nurse, NHS England
  • The quality of responses is that much better because quieter voices are heard. This is central because the answers lie with the people. The depth of ownership - the “holy grail” of all employee engagement and staff consultation - is also a game changer because it differs from corporate speak. The values are owned by the staff and are in their own words.

    Julian Hartley, Chief Executive, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • This initiative was hugely successful in freeing that inspiration and organising it in a way that directly and rapidly benefitted the service. This success would have been unthinkable without the robust and sensitive analytical methods developed by Clever Together along with the user-friendly platform they have refined to maximise engagement.

    Alastair McLellan, Editor, Health Service Journal

Meet our team

Our diverse team has deep expertise in behaviour change, innovation and large-scale engagement.

Why does Clever Together exist?

We are helping to build a world where people are heard in
and connected to the change around them.

Clever Together was founded by a reformed academic, a reformed consultant and a technology geek.

  • The academic knew that companies who genuinely engage their people in meaningful open innovation are much more successful in achieving their goals.
  • The consultant had seen top-down change efforts fail time after time and knew a different approach was needed.
  • The geek searched far and wide for an engagement platform that enables this change, and when he couldn't find it, he built it.

We now focus all our energy on helping leaders involve their people in the process of change, using our take on crowdsourcing: The Clever Together Online Workshop.

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