Are you ignoring your brilliant silent majority?

Are you ignoring your brilliant silent majority?


It's the perennial problem for internal comms leaders - how do you stop the dialogue being dominated by the same old suspects?

You know the type: always quick and opinionated with their comments on your intranet articles, never shy in the brainstorming sessions and voluminous when it comes to filling out your surveys.

I'm being a little facetious of course. People with ideas need to feel free to voice them and some people will always speak up more than others.

But we all know that quantity and quality are not to be confused.

In fact, evidence shows that it's the silent majority of staff, those who might never speak up, who hold many of the best ideas – often as many as half of them.

From the reams of data we've captured, we see an 80:20 rule in operation: 20 per cent of your most 'creative' staff will typically make 80 per cent of the contributions in brainstorming workshops or comms department questionnaires.

But it's the quiet non-creatives who make up the vast majority of your people, and while they may only make 20 per cent of all contributions, our data often shows that they come up with half of the best ideas.

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