I need to build my engagement capability

Leaders come to us when they want to build real engagement capability within their organisation. Our experience with engaging large crowds has shown us that technology is the easy bit and that a slick crowdsourcing platform is never enough.

Our capability building service includes:

  • Strategy training - to know when crowdsourcing works best and why,
  • Process training - to know how to engage large crowds and ensure you've thought of all the details,
  • Technology - our online workshop platform has been designed to help leaders enable change. We have prioritised simplicity, compatibility and powerful analytics over flashy features that don't add value.

After going through our training, teams are confident and capable of designing and executing rigorous engagement programmes that result in real impact.

See our work in action at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Following a successful strategy refresh project with the Trust, the Chief Executive asked how we can help keep his organisation on track with the strategy they created. Fast forward two years, and every single division in the organisation systematically engages their staff to solve problems and make plans for the future.

Following our strategy work, internally name WayFinder, we developed the WayFinder Academy - an annual series of training workshops designed to develop capability in each Clinical Service Unit and each corporate function. To date, we have trained over 30 people, who have gone on to design and deliver more than 50 WayFinder campaigns. The topics discussed have ranged from cost-savings to patient experience improvement and new divisional strategies.

WayFinder is now an established method for involving staff within the Trust, and part of each division's leadership capabilities. The shift in staff satisfaction was notable, best captured in the video below:

If done badly, crowdsourcing and large scale engagement can go very wrong, very fast (read our epic fails blog here). Despite these dangers, many companies are happy to sell anyone a licence to their technology, train them on the features and let them get started.

If given to a team without the right skills, these approaches can be ineffective, even dangerous.

Our engagement capability building service mitigates these risks by:

  • dedicating most of the curriculum to strategy and process,
  • providing close support to teams in training to ensure their first few online workshops are successful,
  • delivering top-up training to address any gaps in knowledge, and
  • only offering licences to our technology for teams that have the capability to use it.

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