Working together with HSJ, Nursing Times and NHS IQ, we are delighted to be launching the Change Challenge. A new campaign to challenge top-down change in the NHS and help NHS staff to co-create workable solutions to deliver change from the bottom-up.

From our work with health and care organisation we have collected and analysed ideas from 60,000+ staff; what this has revealed is that there is a perception that there is too much command and control management from leaders and too little motivation and coaching. We believe that this is one of the fundamental barriers to bottom-up change. What do you think?

The Change Challenge uses crowdsourcing to gather views from staff on how we can overcome the barriers to bottom-up change and together co-create solutions, which will allow people to deliver change from the bottom-up both within and across organisations.

The Change Challenge has three stages, at each stage we will invite HSJ and Nursing Times readers and healthcare staff to get involved on our crowdsourcing platform:

  1. 9th - 23rd January: we ask the crowd what helps and prevents bottom-up change from happening in the NHS, both within and across organisations.
  2. 6th - 20th February: we share our analysis of what helps and prevents bottom-up change and ask the crowd to co-create solutions to help people and organisations deliver bottom-up change.
  3. 27th February - 13th March: we share the top solutions and invite the crowd to develop and improve these - to create workable tools that can be used by people that work in the NHS.

Then on 27th March, following our analysis of all your contributions, HSJ, Nursing Times and NHSIQ publish an interactive toolkit to empower NHS staff and organisations to deliver change from the bottom-up.

If you would like to get involved with the Change Challenge please head to https://changechallenge.clevertogether.com and sign up to receive your login details and start contributing.