Clever Together - featured in the Financial Times

Clever Together – featured in the Financial Times

Here at Clever Together, we are really excited to announce that we have been featured in the Financial Times, in Andrew Hill's article about the dissolving of boundaries letting in more consultancy competitors.

The article looks at our work with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, where the new chief executive asked his 16,000 employees to create a new template for the hospitals’ values, vision and objectives, using a process devised by crowdsourcing specialist Clever Together. Furthermore, our Managing Director, Dr. Peter Thomond is quoted saying that while the outcomes of staff consultations are "not as pretty or as slick" as consultancy strategy documents, "thousands of people write them and the buy-in is massive".

The article concludes by quoting Pete: the business world is "always going to need super-high-end brains to solve super-complex problems". He adds: "We're not here to eat [consultants'] lunch, we're here to eat some of the crumbs off the table."

To read the full article click here or you can download a pdf version here.