Expanding our scale and impact with our new managing director of health and care

Expanding our scale and impact with our new managing director of health and care

Expanding our scale and impact with our new managing director of health and care

We are delighted to announce our appointment of Hugh Simpson as our new Managing Director of Clever Together Healthcare Advisory. In this role, Hugh will lead all services we provide to health, social care and the NHS.

Hugh has extensive background in health having held senior roles at the NHS Confederation, the General Medical Council and more recently at the pharmacy regulator, the General Pharmaceutical Council where he was the executive director responsible for a wide ranging brief covering organisational strategy, research, data and insight, pharmacy education, training and professional standards.

Commenting on the appointment, our Chief Executive, Dr Pete Thomond said:

“We’ve seen, first hand, Hugh’s drive and energy to bring innovation and creative thinking to resolving complex strategic problems – he was our client so is well known to the Clever Together team.  His grasp of the external context in health and care, his strategic leadership and his values of being brave, rigorous and playful make him a great match for our plans to scale our impact… he comes with a fab track record in health policy and professional regulation, strategy and communications, we’re delighted he has joined our team to lead our next phase of growth."

About Clever Together:

Clever Together exists to help leaders involve their people in the process of change, using our unique take on crowdsourcing, engagement and innovation.

We design bespoke collaborations and engagement programmes that empower staff and stakeholders to help shape the future of their organisations and communities. We combine our award-winning innovation methods with our unique insight into the broader environment of health and care, garnered from the ideas of literally hundreds of thousands of people, and from the confidence invested into us by senior leaders. Our health advisory work focuses on:

  1. strategy refresh:
    we help leaders to co-create new strategies with their people;
  2. best place to work:
    we support healthcare organisations on their journey to being ‘model employers’;
  3. health consultations:
    we run collaborations that to help leaders to bring the voice of their workforce or stakeholders to the centre of insight generation or formal listening exercises;
  4. innovation engines:
    we improve innovation capability by help leaders to enhance the processes, capacity and climate to innovate.