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Leaders trust us to harness the energy and intelligence of the masses to build insight into subjects that are critical to their people, organisations, regions or sectors. To date, we have engaged populations such as:

  • The residents of Greater Manchester on topics around their health and wellbeing.
  • All community services staff in London, to generate a shared declaration of how they want to work.
  • All subscribers of a magazine to understand their views on hot topics.
  • All Speech and Language Therapists across the entire country, to understand what guidance they need from their professional body.

To achieve these outcomes, each of our insight and research projects blends our deep understanding of stakeholder and public engagement, co-production, qualitative/quantitative analytics and communications methods.

The result is deep insight, based on broad engagement at a reasonable price. They are often surprising because of the depth of insight, the inclusivity of our engagement and the speed at which we can deliver them.

See our work in action in Greater Manchester

In 2016, Greater Manchester was the first locality in the UK to take responsibility for their own health and social care budget. A central part of their plan for the future was to empower the population to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, but this required a deep understanding of their current beliefs and the main barriers stopping them from living healthy lives.

Clever Together designed a research programme to engage the people of Greater Manchester and learn from them, in their own words, what the key barriers to being healthy are. This required a substantial effort to generate public interest and a deep, rigorous analysis process to ensure the conclusions are valid.

To generate sufficient interest and engagement, the project involved two media partners and to ensure the data was representative, a third sector organisation was brought in to engage the hard to reach populations. People were asked to complete a 'health snapshot' survey that gave insight on how they perceive their own health and some questions about health related habits such as smoking, alcohol and exercise. They were then invited to join an online workshop, where they could describe, in their own words, what they felt the problems were. In just one month of engagement, the project gathered insight from 5,850 people, who we could demonstrate were representative of the Greater Manchester population.

We then convened a team of experienced researchers to analyse the data and generate some actionable insights. The result was a set of personas depicting six different groupings, based on their behaviour and views on health and wellbeing. These personas have demonstrated that broad, whole-population health initiatives are unlikely to be effective and that what works well for one group could very much disengage another.

As the project continues, we are working with the NHS and local government of Greater Manchester to develop interventions that are tailored to each group, starting with those whose health appears to be most at risk.

At Clever Together, we believe insight should always be gathered and presented in a way that enables real action. To ensure this, we:

  1. use our proprietary engagement methods to engage networks of people and secure buy-in to the conclusions,
  2. consider additional analyses to complement and challenge the 'voice of the crowd' - depending on the context this can include empathic research as well as analysis of relevant economic, political, social and technology trends,
  3. design suitable digital and print based communications assets to ensure the target audiences understand and are influenced by the insights we reveal.


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