Fixing the NHS Staff Survey

What's wrong with staff survey?

We interviewed 28 directors of HR and Workforce across the NHS and they shared with us their major issues with the National Staff Survey.

They told us that

  • It takes too long to get results.
  • Results are not immediately easy to act upon.
  • There is a disconnect between actions taken and impact.


There's lots of data in there, but it's not easy to understand. So staff survey has been data rich, but insight light.

Dean Royles on NHS staff survey

The Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust told us about some of his frustrations with Staff Survey.


They told us about the typical, 28 week journey

A new staff survey journey

What if we could transform the national staff survey?

What if we could collect responses, get immediate insight, get into action twice as fast, with more buy-in than ever?

We worked with Leeds Teaching Hospitals and East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trusts to do just that.


How it works - results within hours, action within days

Easy to use online survey

A simple online survey for every member in the Trust. People can save their progress and complete over several days, on a platform designed to feel familiar.

Detailed results within days

Results presented to support action, showing highest and lowest performing areas for the Trust and each business unit.


Staff co-create improvements

Lowest performing areas are fed into an online workshop, asking staff to crowdsource solutions while their responses to the survey are still fresh.

A responsive staff survey journey for a modern NHS

The benefits of this new approach

  • Speed - first results shared within hours, full results, broken down by division within days.
  • Actionable insight - a view of highest and lowest performing areas for the Trust and each division.
  • Inclusive process - staff felt more included in planning improvements, and more respected by management
  • Measurable impact - connecting staff voice with action taken and improvement at a local level.

We can start working on those action plans ahead of Christmas.


How is life different for Dean Royles at Leeds?

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Dean Royles on working with Clever Together


Directorates can develop action plans and start working upon those now, with staff, ahead of next year's survey.