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Leaders trust us to re-imagine, refresh or to simply validate their strategies.  To date, we have helped clients with:

  • corporate strategies,
  • talent/people/HR strategies,
  • organisational development strategies,
  • innovation strategies, and
  • information management and technology strategies.

To achieve these outcomes, we design a bespoke engagement programme that empowers all staff to have their say on the future of the organisation. We combine this insight with analyses of the broader environment and ideas from senior leaders/ key stakeholders. 

The result is a strategy that is more informed, more supported and easier to implement. Where disagreements are identified between the views of staff and leaders, these are identified ahead of time, leaving the opportunity for them to be discussed and addressed. Most of the time, staff and senior leaders want the same things, but talk about them slightly differently.

See our work in action at Pennine Acute Hospitals

When Gillian Fairfield became chief executive of Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, she took leadership of a workforce that could only be described as demoralised. In 2014, the staff survey placed the organisation in the bottom 20% for staff engagement, motivation and job satisfaction - same as the year before.

She felt addressing this was key to boosting staff morale. Yet Dr Fairfield was also clear that imposing a top-down vision on already unhappy employees would lead to more rather than less frustration.

We worked with Dr Fairfield to personally invite all 9,500 employees of the Trust to share their views on a bespoke crowdsourcing website. The platform we designed asked staff about their experiences of working in the trust. We asked people: What is it really like working here; what do you like; what don’t you like; what really motivates you; where do you want this organisation to be in five years’ time?

The aim was for staff to define and agree a new vision, set of values and plans for the organisation.

Nearly 2,000 people joined the conversation, making more than 27,000 comments in the first weeks of the project. Staff were able to vote for their favourite ideas – a democratic conversation in which the best concepts quickly rose to the top.

Within 100 days of starting the project, a summit was held to finalise the new trust transformation plan. It brought together 350 members of staff. A week later, the three new values – quality driven, compassionate and responsible, and a five-year transformation map – were taken to the board for approval and put up on the Trust website.

Since completing this work, Pennine Acute Hospitals has recommissioned Clever Together to develop their staff health and well-being strategy and quality strategy.

Strategy development is one of Clever Together's most popular services. Our methods are popular with Chief Executives and their boards because:

  1. We are fast. Our online workshop engagement methodology enables consensus to be generated in weeks instead of months and helps to analyse large quantities of data quickly.
  2. We are inclusive. Most of our strategy update projects empower every single member of staff to have their say quickly and easily. Where appropriate, we also invite external stakeholders to share their views, all at a reasonable cost.
  3. We are a one stop shop. Our service includes everything you need to get an informed, supported strategy. We look after the technology and help with the communications all as part of our work.


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