Working with Community Services to TransformLDN

Working with Community Services to TransformLDN

Working with Community Services to TransformLDN

What is this project about?

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Clever together is working in partnership with NHS England and a network of London health and community organisations to collect frontline ideas to inspire service transformation at TransformLDN.

Nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and all frontline and support colleagues across health community services in London are being invited to take part in this ground- breaking project to develop ideas to help organisations transform health and social care in the capital. Our crowdsourcing process is being used to engage as wide a variety of staff as possible – inviting them to submit ideas anonymously via our social-media style platform, comment on the ideas of others and vote the best to the top.

A few weeks ago NHS England hosted an event bringing together stakeholders to encourage engagement with the project and officially launch the crowdsourcing process at TransformLDN. A new draft vision was presented in the form of an animation, which can be viewed above, and a one page document (both can be viewed on the website). This draft was created by Clever Together and a team from across London. It was informed by the analysis of 40+ research documents, London’s BCF plans, a meeting of Community Service leaders, expert interviews and analysis of the national patient voices.

Staff working in the community are now reviewing, revising or even re-writing this draft to produce a ‘co-created’ vision and set of principles to help inspire commissioners and providers of community health and social services in London to look at ways of making their services more integrated, patient-centred and efficient.

NHS England London Chief Nurse Caroline Alexander is strongly supporting this project:

“I am personally championing the creation of a shared vision for London’s community services. This is a key priority for me this year. With a clear and shared direction, I passionately believe our services in the community can lead a positive transformation in our capital’s health and social care. I also passionately believe in unlocking the expertise and creativity held within our workforce. So throughout July and August 2014 I am asking nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and all frontline and support colleagues across health and social community services in London to join me in a ground-breaking project. This unique crowdsourcing approach will enable us to capture the collective wisdom of frontline staff from across London to create a shared vision that we can all aspire to.”

We are really excited to be working with so many organisations across London on this project, which values the voice of the frontline – those who deliver services in the community. Our crowdsourcing process allows everyone to present their ideas anonymously, which means that all staff, rather than just senior managers and commissioners, will be able to help shape future improvement for service users across the capital.

Do you work in London’s community services?

So far 1000+ contributions have been made to the crowdsourcing platform – some of the top ideas, to date, state that there needs to be more consideration of:

  • data access as a key to unlocking collaborative working,
  • pride in our talented community workforce (including investing in their development),
  • the role of real leadership, and
  • the inclusion of mental health services (“we cannot do this without them” was one comment).

What do you think? Visit TransformLDN to find out more and join the conversation.

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The crowdsourcing platform will be open till the 18th August 2014 – following this all contributions will be analysed and the results will produce a new vision for London – co-created by community services staff from across the city.